Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thought Series ......... Anniversary ...........

About all the things we have accomplished together over the years,
All the things we have build together,
The twist and sharp turns of "that's life" roller coaster ride, we have rode together,
The house we turned into our home,
A home, were we raised wonderful children, that have became young adults who are respectful in a disrespectful world, and individuals to be proud of

Over the years, we have found a special love,
A love that bonds us together like super glue bond paper,
We have found a trust that only happens to people who have learned to trust beyond their misguided thoughts, the miss beats of their hearts,
The kind of trust that only two people that truly love one another can have

In the beginning when we first met,
It was just happy feelings towards one another,
Now those feelings has bloom like a may flower, with enormous blooms of venerating love

On this special day, I really only have five words to say for all the wonderful years we have been together...
I love you,
Happy Anniversary

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  1. It's been a while since I stopped by and your work is just as wonderful as ever 1Manview!

    1. "Big grin", thank you much Suzy M....

  2. Beautiful words; beautiful memories; beautiful accomplishments. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Words filled with true love. Takes special people to guard a special love