Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thoughts of you ... Valentine Day Musing .....

Shades of darkness has embarked the decor of the room,
Hiding them from ones plain sight,
While my eyes strain to see,
My mind hides in its vastness,
Seeking the calm hidden inside it

A calm like I only feel when I'm in the arms of you,
Talking to you in whispered voices,
Seeing your captured smile,
Hearing exhilaration in your laughter,
Watching the character of your body playful actions, when you think no eyes are focused on your person

Yes, your love brings that kind of calm to me,
A purpose to my life,
The hidden in the dark, quietness of being loved....

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  1. I always love coming here. I smile when I see that you have a new post up. There is such love that pours from your soul when you write and it leaves no doubt of the awe and admiration you have for your one. Thank you for opening your heart to share


    1. Thank you P Surren, I always appreciate the openness of your comments...

  2. Love this. You always know how to end on a good note. :-)

  3. Gracias por la vista y por permitirme llegar hasta tu sitio, preciosas entradas!
    Te dejo un beso, feliz semana.

    1. Gracias por la visita y comentario .....