Monday, February 15, 2016

Aspire .... Repetition poem (Valentine poem)

I used to wish,
That someday, I would have a best friend,
Someone, I would look up too, turn to for answers,
A friend,
That I could share my laughs,
Share my deepest thoughts,
Share my sadness,
Share my gladness,
Share the same boundless regions of the infinite, that I have chosen,
Because they truly wanted to share, that infinite space with me

I used to wish,
That someday, I would find that Someone I could converse with,
That Someone, whom I could share my deepest, private thoughts,
And thoughts, which my dreams are made of  

I used to wish,
That someday, I would meet that Someone who would be special to me,
That Someone, who I could hold anytime I wanted too, when I needed too,
That Someone, who I could  kiss hello to in the morning, and kiss goodnight before I would go to sleep,
That Someone, I just had to touch in the middle of the night,
And they would spoon into me without even waking up

I used to wish,
That someday, I would find what true love really felt like,
A love so strong, it would last longer than ever after,
A love that wore my heart like a blanket,
That kept it warm on the coldest night,
Yet cool, on the hottest day,
A love I never wondered if it was true love:
Because I could forever feel its radiant heat, race through my veins, on each soft rhythmic beat of my heart

I wish,
I hadn't wasted all that time wishing for...
Looking for...
Praying for...
That Someone...
Because without realizing it,
I already knew that Someone,
Who was already carrying true love inside of them,
That 's meant just for me,
And that Someone,
Were you.....

1Manview © 2-- 8– 2016


  1. Going to wish you a great week, she is overflowing with good things !!
    Bjs Lioness

  2. so delicate, somehow, these feelings, the realisation. may your love grow...