Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rhythm ... Prose poem

The rhythm of life is ever-changing, never a constant you should completely believe in

Because just as you think you have a rhythm of warmth, kindness, and love in your life

The rhythm of life changes to an unfamiliar beat of disharmony, destruction, and none forgiveness

Leaving you with feelings of disbelief, wonder, and discontent

Then just as you think this rhythm of life is your forever life mainstay, in an instant, life rhythm changes once again

Leading you down a trail of fun, jubilee, and life happiness

But this time around, the back of your mind keeps wandering, how long will this happy rhythmic rhythm of life

Will truly last...

(C) 1ManView


  1. There are no guarantees, nothing lasts forever, not the bad, not the good, it's a roller coaster hunny *grin*

  2. Ótima reflexão sobre a vida querido. Importa ser feliz, isso é um estado de espirito.