Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thought series: Lost and found

In this moment of time and space, you are not here
But your persona is felt
In every strike of my heartbeat
In every breath my lungs take
In my eyes glance of this room, that feels empty without you

My mind slips to the past of just yesterday
Lingering on your gentle touch
Your loving embrace
The sound of your laughter
The way you present yourself as one big open heart

I know you are not here
But my eyes still see you
My fingers still feel the presence of your flesh softness on their tips
The tender embrace of your lips on my cheek
 I love the taste you leave on my lips, the taste you leave just before you whispered goodbye
As another breath draws in, I smell essence of your body scent, that's fresher than the air that gently breeze over the calm of ocean waves

How can a person miss another as soon as they are out of eyes sight comprehend  my thoughts,
but its a fact
Yes, I know it's all Inside my mind
All my senses are wishing you were still here with me
At this precise moment of time
In this precise space that I'm standing in
Lost is my mind in thoughts of you
And I'm wishing you would hurry back and find that my thoughts were only thinking of you...



  1. This is beautiful. And so true. I have felt this need, the emptiness, the desire to reunite myself.....

  2. Thank you shadow, some how I posted this with a line I was suppose to correct, I hate that... :) I'm just happy my feeligs washed through it...

    peace and love

    peace andlove