Monday, June 25, 2018

I miss ...

I miss - the warmth of your touch
The tender embrace that seem to come out of nowhere...

I miss - the sweetness of your spontaneous kisses
That lingered on my lips
And the deepest ones -
That make my heart beat softly

I miss - the calm that your voice brought to my life
The voice that spoke softly to the inner self of me
Calming the beast that reside inside me...

I miss - the space that we use to share
The space that was not just mine and yours
But the space we called ours ...

I miss - you being there for me
Not only when I asked
But before I knew you were ever needed...

I miss - the laughter of the birds chirping in the morning sun
The sound of the summer night wind howling
As it exit to follow the trail of the moonlight
All because the spirit of love in my heart has gone missing....

I miss - the loving spirit of you...........

But with all that has happen
I still wait patiently for your return
Because I know once that occurs -

All the things in my life I love and miss dearly
Will return to me twice fold
When the spirit of you 
Return to me.....

(C) 1ManView


  1. y me pregunto:
    porqué tenemos que esperar a extrañar?
    porque no lo cuidamos antes de que eso suceda?
    un beso

    1. Porque la mayoría de nosotros damos por hecho muchas cosas ... Pero en este caso, yo estaba ...


  2. Sweet waiting ... Always good body in body. The skin on the skin.

  3. True, good things come to those who have patience and love.

    1. I concur....
      Thanks for your comment, it was appreciated....

      peace and love