Monday, June 7, 2010

Fools Game ......... Prose Poem ....... (Past Memory)

Holding time is like trying to hold water

It slips over or around your fingers grasp, then Leave you with just a trickling memory

The same feeling you have after someone tries to fool your love, to trick you into thinking they love only you, but in reality, you are just a stage in their life to propel them to a higher calling

You look into their eyes and their eyes say, you are the best, the person I’ve been looking for all my life, there's no other like you

Their voice speaks of love and endearment, and how being apart from you would break their heart

Their velvet touch tells you no man has been touch with this much kindness before,

But their heart cannot lie, so the try and fool you with the deception of the rest to cover it up, after all, all men are fools, and as long as you give them a little, that gives them the right to take all they can get from you

But want they don't realize, they are just like time, time that can't be held, time that slips away, and in time, they will be forgotten


  1. Only problem is, they aren't forgotten.

    Beautiful words.

  2. ¿ Realmente crees que olvidarán?

  3. Manview dear came to wish a happy Valentine's Day ! bjus soft .....


  4. Gray, in this case she was, until my spouse brought her up out of the blue... lol...

  5. Fatti, dear friend, thank you as always...


  6. Silvia, Sí, realmente me hizo ....

    Abrazos ...