Friday, July 16, 2010

My Bad....

Sometimes we forget that

The sharpness of a tongue,

With the tone of anger,

Cuts easily through the thickest of flesh,

Even though, we may not have meant for it to happen,

It happens....

That’s when a simple I'm sorry,

Carries so much healing power,

When you are dealing with the emotions of true love

of the heart...

To error is human,

"I'm Truly Sorry"......


  1. This is Good!! I'll need to use it sometime, I'm sure.

    Thanks, for your compliments.

  2. Se há o arrependimento após a palavra impensada, há o perdão... O ser feliz novamente...

    Beijos confessos

  3. Very Moving.. I enjoyed it

  4. True, but why do people find it so hard?

  5. A beautiful concept but so hard for many to grasp. Sometimes words spoke in anger plant themselves in one's mind and heart continuing to grow and flourish with each mornings sunrise and sometimes sorry just isn't enough.Nice write 1man

  6. LadyM, you ae right, that's why one has to act quickly when they are sorry that their anger was not controlled...