Sunday, August 28, 2011

Godsend... Redefined ...

Lighter then a single snowflake, floating in a light breeze, your love floats slowly around me, while consuming the being of this one

Like a single red rose, slowly opening as the sun peaks, our love bloomed as our friendship turned into forever intimate partners, whose love slowly bloomed into a showy masterpiece, like a cluster of bright red roses

Your love has fallen deeper and wider then an ocean into my soul, captivating all of me from the inside out, touching every fiber, every molecule, of my being…

Hours, turned into days, days, turned into months, months, turned into years, but your love has always stayed like the Cosmo Stars above

Your benigh loving touch, touches me like nothing else on this earth, this is why I know your love had to be sent from the heavens above, tailor made by God own hands, just for the being, of me...


  1. it's like your words are embracing...
    as if getting ready to take my lips
    my body


  2. I especially love this line: "tailor made by God own hands, just for the being, of me..."

    Love it!

  3. Amei teu blog tuas gostei tanto que resolvi ficar,já estou a te seguir te convido a fazer uma visita em meu blog se gosta fica por lá amei tudo aqui bjos tenha uma exelente semana!

  4. Lisa, I'm thrill my simple words had such a effect on you...

  5. TS99, thank you, you and I seem to always see eye to eye, as I searched for the words to tell how I truly felt..

  6. Julliany kotona, Muito obrigado, eu sou humilhado por seu comentário ...
    Vou visitar o seu site também ...

    Que a paz esteja em seu coração ... 1Manview ....