Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reflections..(The series)../ Beep, beep .. Prose poem

Reflections, is flash back thoughts of my past,
or flash thoughts of the future...

Beep, beep, beep, beep,
Eyes watched the life monitor,
Ears hear her moans from deep constant pain

Oxygen 90 percent
Heart rate 184 PPM
Blood pressure 210 over 175

Doctors baffled,
Nurses giving me a cheer up grin,
But I know a person lying at rest, that their heartbeat shouldn't be faster then a person running a marathon,
Her blood pressure is nearing a stroke rate,
But they smile and try to keep me in the dark thinking they are helping me,
Because they have no clue what to do

I ask a question,
The doctor blows me off with his high IQ answer,
Because he doesn't understand what is happening, so how can I,
I calmly ask the nurse some questions in a way to guide her towards my thinking, Again what do I know except the person I love is in serve pain for no reason

She screams every time they touch her, but they keep touching her and saying we are sorry but we have to check this and that,
Hours go by, new doctors come and go baffled, but they all know one thing for sure, to order more testing, 
I sit quietly, listening to the beep-beep of the monitored, while praying to God it keep beeping

I get irritated and yell at the doctor for not giving her someting for pain,
But how can he, he doesn't know what is causing her pain, 
What she might react too,
Look at her charts, and see what she has taken before,
Opps, good idea, but I won't tell you that he doesn't say

Beep, beep, beep
Two minutes after pain shot, heart rate slowly drops,
Blood pressure drops some,
She reacts by reaching out for me to hold her hand

Thoughts run through my mind, what if,
What if this time I come back home alone,
What do I say to my children,
How do I help them grieve their lost,
How do I grieve my lost,
My eyes scan the monitors and finally see a slim hope

A baffled doctor walks into the room,
He has no answers; he has given her every test he can think off,
So I calmly tell him I have heard of this condition from another doctor, could he please call him and see if this be that rare condition he talked about,
His defeated IQ gives in to my idea, and has a nurse pick up the phone,
The other doctor says yes, he has heard of this condition, but never has experience it, but this what he think they should do

Beep, bee, beep, 
Hours later, her heart beat is the same as someone jogging,
Her blood pressure has dropped into life save numbers,
I can hold her hand, while giving her a warm loving smile,
I thank God for making someone finally listen to this dummy,
So the love of my life can recover, and one day come home to be loved by me once again...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. I glad to read that after everything, she has hope of recovery ~ It is hard to see a loved one in pain and poor health ~

    Happy weekend to you ~

  2. She has recovered, but it's something that can come back at anytime without warning, so it stays on mind... Thank you for the visit, and enjoy what's left of the weekend..

  3. That would be so scary! Glad she is better and hope it won't happen again.


    1. It has happened again, but that time they knew what to do and got it under control quicker...
      Thanks for stopping in..

  4. memories. sometimes can be very bittersweet.

    thank you for sharing 1manview.

  5. I like that there was a happy ending.

  6. I don't think I have ever seen this write. As always, I am bowled over by your pen.

  7. Thank you NP, I was just thinking of you. Reflections is a new series I started recently. When I have a flash thought of the past or present I write it down and see were it takes me...

    I appreciate your visits as always. Can't wait for you to come back and recharge my pen...