Friday, August 3, 2012

Life misgivings ....

Her sprites were high in the sky,
Even thole her stomach was tied in a knot with hunger,
Her body weary from searching for food

With eyes almost as keen as an eagle
She looked down on those who were beneath her,
Watching them like an Hawk,
Their every move was noticed, as she waited for just one to leave their home unprotected

Appear an uncover pair,
A death diving swoop like lightening through the air energized,
Children screamed in a high pitch that only a mother could hear

A chase to no avail, because her speed was too great,
Her body was to agile,
Murderer cried into the distance sky

From high in the sky, she eased down to her young,
Happy to see their hungry faces,
Never knowing if an eagle in the sky, will see them uncovered, and feed them to her hungry young,
Just as she feeds Mrs Robin young, to hers...

Without question,
We can only except what God gives us,
or not give us...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. WOW, at first I thought you were describing a hungry woman trying to feed her children. It is a metaphor that can be applied to anything. Great post

    1. You caught me.. :) I was hoping I was getting the message through.. Thank you for the read and comment..

  2. i'm...

    i'm feeling this piece right now.
    beautiful. just...


    1. Hello lisa, what's up with you? You know were to find me...

    2. just a little lost right now.
      but i'll find my way.

      thank you 1manview...i do.

    3. Saddens me to see that glow gone from you, :(
      But its a cross we all bear at different stages of our life..

      Have a great day
      And better tomorrows...

  3. Fantastic!

    Kisses and hugs.

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    1. Always a twist to keep us on out toes.. Thanks Sweets..

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    1. Thank you for the read Reggie, its appreciated...

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    1. Obrigado, agradeço a sua visita ...

      Abraços ...

  7. Otimo texto adorei boa semana pra vc bjos