Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two Hearts ............ Repetitive poem ........

Two hearts, one beat,
Two hearts has learn to beat as one,
A friendship that has last the test of time,
A love that endures all that has come before it

Two hearts, one beat,
Two arms embrace one body in the silent of the night,
Two voices speak, both are heard, one is not as important as two
Two ears listen, one outcome

Two hearts, one beat
Two minds, one objection in life,
To love,
To honer
To stay friends forever,
Because our friendship has learned how to be caring and loving
Which has become the backbone of our love

Tow hearts, one beat
Has learned us,
When to give,
When too take
When to forgive for our human mistakes

Two hearts, one beat
One flow of internal everlasting love ...

Merry Christmas ML,

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. so much love in this poem, very nicely done

  2. Yes, so much love! Beautiful!

    1. I appreciate you as always Sweets...

  3. love peeking in on love.

    very sweet 1manview.

    1. Thank you lisa, I'm happy that my simple writings can be felt...

  4. like the most romantic wedding vows - LOVE.

  5. Paige, so happy to see you. I had lost contact with you. (my fault) Now I can put you on my blog list.. Thank you for the words, it was appreciated...