Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just ........ A Christmas thought ...

Xmas is usually a time we all reflect,

Reflect on what we have accomplished, or what we did not

Reflect on what we received or did not receive,
Be it spiritual or materialistic

Reflect on those who are no longer with us,
To help celebrate life blessings,

Reflect on the new life that has arrived,
And their search to find their place in life

Reflect on the love and respect I have for my family and friends,
And the love and respect they have shown me ...

And when all the reflecting in my mind was all done,
I realized that all I need in my life is the love of my family and friends;
The love of God in my heart,
And the rest is just that...  


(PJ to my friends)

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  1. Just... beautiful! ;-)

    1. Another smile supplied by Sweets. Thank you so much... :)

      peace and love
      PJ :)

  2. So glad to be able to supply a smile!

    Blessings! :-)