Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home alone.... Musing ... (Thoughts series) .......

House empty and quiet like I like it,
Peace of mind,
Do as I please

Same old movies are on the TV,
Same old songs playing on the radio,
My eyes drift out the window glancing where the car would be,
Finding a empty space,
My mind wonders where the heck is she now,
She said she would be right back

Breakfast is eaten,
Lunch is inside me,
Dinner is on my mind

Dishes are done,
Kitchen floor is swept,
Carpet is vacuumed,
Even took out the garbage before it was full

I now sit in front of the computer screen, 
Trying to be busy, but my mind dwells on the emptiness of home alone,
And how it's starting to become a bore

Phone rings,
No, she's not home,
Phone rings again,
No, she's not home again,
Phone rings once again,
Temper has flared, refuse to answer the damn thing

I move from my den and sit down in the living room.
One eye is on the TV, 
While the other is looking out the front door watching for anything that moves,
My hearing tunes out the sounds of the TV, and tune in for sounds of the car driving up the driveway,
I slump in the chair, wondering why do I belief her when she say , I'll be right back, 
When I know that right back means tomorrow,
I stayed home because I thought I wanted some time alone,
But, the next time, I will ask my heart first ....

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  1. La soledad después... para recuperar fuerzas...Besos

    1. Gracias por el comentario y visita ....


  2. Awww! I'm lovin' this "Thoughts series".

    1. Thanks Sweets, just me sharing a moment of some of my simple thoughts...

      peace and love

  3. Oh yes... The distraction and thoughts that quickly follow...

    1. Thank you Cheeky Minx

      peace and love