Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nothing (Compares to your love) ... Musing ...

Sun morning beams hover just over the horizon,
Birds soar high in the sky of blue,
Some soaring gracefully, 
Others hovering in place

Tulips of color slowly open to receive the warmth of the sun,
The nourishing strength of its rays,
A heard of deers quietly bask in the morning sun warmth, 
While eating the sweetness of earth green grasses and tender stem flowers,
While their young hide quietly, motionlessly, in the cover of the thick under brush 

The beauty of the world awakening unfolds in front of me,
But none of the earth abundance of beauty,
Compares to the love of you...

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  1. Cuando hay amor todo es hermoso
    en tus palabras hay mucho
    un beso grande

    1. Muchas gracias
      Agradezco su amable comentario
      un beso grande