Monday, April 28, 2014

What is love? ... Musing ... (Thoughts series)

(What is love)
Song play in the background,
My thoughts drifts on a conversation,
I had with my good friend

He talked about his share of woman over the years,
He boosted about his prowess,
He smiled when mentioning my lack of numbers before I met you,
He laughed as if it was important to me,
But his prideful smile left his face, 
When my voice proclaimed I knew what love is,
Heartache was a thing of the past,
Loneliness was only when you weren't near me,
And it would vanished, whenever my eyes laid on your presence

I had no game,
I needed no game,
Because once you came into my life,
The games were over;
While his heart was still searching for love,
Love was as near as a gentle hug before me,
While he was making what he called love in the middle of the night,
I basked in true love all day and night,
Because when you came into my life,
You showed me what love is,
You shoved me how to love

When our conversation was over,
That confident smile had left his face,
It had been replaced with the look of uncertainly on it,
Because he realized after all these years of what he thought was conquest,
Was failure

He had failed to find that one woman,
Who would show him what true love is,
Like you had shown me...

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