Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful ... Happy Thanksgiving ...

I know today will be a mirror reflection of days gone bye,
We will be just a little older, 
Hopefully wiser,
Our kids will be by our side,
Also a little older and maybe finally wiser 

Our grandson will be looking down on his grandmother for the first time on a Thanksgiving day,
But still wishing he was taller then his granddad,
Our perky granddaughter will be loud as always and tired of hearing the words "stop running through the house", 
But something wise from her projecting voice,
Will leave everyone amazed before the day has gone bye

At the dinner table, 
My gaze will look over my flock and I'll be proud of how far they have flown as adults, 
And how they are still reaching out by not settling for the small tidbits that life has given them,
Then when dinner is served and that special someone hands me my dinner plate, 
My eyes will train on her while my mind will reflect and realize just how genuine of a person she really is,
Always giving even when she has nothing to give except for that be happy smile of hers

When she hands me my plate and our hands touch, 
My eyes will look into hers,
And see the self worth that's hidden inside her that no one else but I can see, 
Leaving a realization of what she truly means to me

They say opposites attract and it must be true,
Because we are very opposite in so many ways, that at times being opposites drive my mind into a frenzy,
But the love between us always settle's me,
That same love that has make us the great couple that we have become, 
That same love which I'm so thankful for, 
That love for one another that has become one love,
Not only on today's special occasion, 
But everyday that God has allowed me to awaken

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,
From all of us .... 1ManView

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