Friday, November 14, 2014

Perpetual love.... Musing .... Repetitive poetry...

I know that most days then not, your body will awaken stiffened by chronic pain,
You struggle to get up, just to take some form of a pill to relieve what's ailing your body on this particular day, 
I know you live from minute to minute, because each minute of your life, you feel different, look different then the last,
I know you think the only constant in your life is some form of pain,
discomfort, and sometimes you almost feel as normal as you will ever be,
But there's one other thing in your life that's always a constant, and that one thing is me,
I am the one thing in your life that loves you continuously

I still love you when you feel ugly inside,
I still love you when you hurt inside and out,
I still love you when you can't remember what you said five minutes before I ask you what did you just say,
I love you just as much when you have a frown on your face or a happy smile,
I love you when my voice become audible because I'm frustrated,
I love you when you cut me off because you are frustrated,
I love you when we hold hands just because,
I love you when you lay your body against mine, just for reassurance of my love for you,
A love that's a 24/7 love

I know I'm not perfect, and let the truth be known,
I have never ever wanted to be perfect,
I just want to be a none perfect human,
With the perfect love for you...

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