Monday, January 4, 2016

Inception .... Repettive poem

When passion comes just from a single fingertip touch

When lust awakens from lips that tenderly brush

When a kiss softer than cotton on your cheek,
awaken your soul from a deep sleep

When their smile, make your heart skip
its next two beats

When the comfort of just holding each other
puts your mind to sleep

When all of this continues, 
for more years than you would ever think

True love has triumphed in the capture
Of ones heart....

1Manview © 11-26– 2016


  1. yes... so beautiful and true!!
    Kisses in your heart, my friend and a beautiful year 2016 for you and yours family!!

  2. Thank you much Nancy C.

    A great New Year to you too...

    peace and love