Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Love (With You)... Repetitive Poem ....

Can't you hear it?

Can't you feel it?

Its here,

It’s touching the core of your soul,

It’s touching the softness of your heart,

It’s touching the soft flesh that covers every inch of your body fiber

It's in the confine of your veins,

It's flowing in the vastness of the blood that's pumping through your heart,

It's forever hovering, in the center of your mind

Can't you feel it?

Can't you hear it?


Love.. That makes our kisses sweeter,

Love... That makes our touches softer,

Love.... That makes our embraces tighter,

Love..... That makes our lungs silently sigh, from a simple touch,

Love...... That's flowing from my soul to yours,

Love....... That's softly calling out your name,

Love........ That I have, "only for you" ...


  1. i would love to feel this.


  2. Love makes everything better, sweeter. ;-)

  3. Sweet poem ...

    A kiss from my Amanteceres.

  4. I love ALL your poems, but this one in particular.
    I'm preparing a post for Valentine's Day, and i named it: Love is...
    can i «borrow» this poem? I really, really loved it, it describes what i feel and what i want to say, but i don't know how to say it the way you do.

  5. @Sexy couple... A humble yes, and thank you very much. But, you have to leave comments now and then, so I know someone is reading this blog other then me... If you don't see my visit to your Valentine Day post, please "Holler" at me! I get lost sometimes in all the visits I do...

  6. @lisa, I hope it finds you soon, because my believe is that you can't find love, love finds you...

    1ManView ...

  7. @ Sweets, no arguments here...

    That you for the read sweet lady...