Friday, January 6, 2012

Open Hearts ... Prose Poem

Last night,

Started out the same as most nights

But this night was much different, as we laid united

Fingertips laid on your bosom, and felt your heart beating in time with mine

Slow, soft, rhythmic beats,

So soft, our quiet breaths seemed loud compared to it

Flesh rest against flesh,

As your body turned and your head laid to rest on my chest,

Arms held you closer then close,

While fingertips eased over the velvet soft feel of your bare flesh

Eyes open, seeing nothing, as my mind was consumed in the tenderness of our moment,

Time eased by, in the silence of the dark

Minds follow the darkness,

Fingertips seize movement,

Arms go limp,

Eyes slowly close,

Lungs inhale shallow slow breaths,

Exhaling in dead silence

In the dark,

Love surrounds and quietly penetrate silent bodies,

Intertwining souls as one

As two bodies succumb to the act of sleep, two hearts beats as one,

Consummating two loves,

Into one whole love,


"Love, should never be taken for granted,

It should be cherished with all your heart "


  1. Love should be fed every single day, in every single moment, in every single bet of heart.

    Beijo libertyo

  2. I love to fall asleep in Daddy's arms. That's a beautiful poem, 1manview!


  3. Libertya, I agree, thanks for the visit...

  4. Kitty, feels so good doesn't it? Thank you, I appreciate your comments...