Sunday, January 15, 2012

MoonLight Love ..... Prose Poem ...

In moonlit darkness,

My body comes to rest at the edge of the bed,



Wanting the comfort of sleep,

But it sits at the bed edge watching the silhouette of your body in the moonlight,

Watching your bosom softly rise,

Then slowly fall,


Then fall,

In a slow withdrawn rhythm,

While shallow breathes of air spill out your nostrils without a whisper

Your head lies on your side of the bed,

Legs lying across mine,

A smile crosses my face because I know I will have to push your legs to your side, so my body can rest next to yours,

Once your body feels mine touch yours,

It will voluntary roll over on its side,

Awaiting my arms wrapping around your bosom,

You will not wake, but you will softly sigh,

Letting me know, you fell the presence of my love holding you...


  1. Camille Malhotra, Thank you, I appreciate your comments...

  2. damn...

    i'm sorry. just in the kind of mood
    where i wish i could inspire these
    kind of words and feelings.

  3. lisa, thank you, I use to take these moments for granted, but after I started to write it, and people commented on it, it made me realize, I should focus more and take granted less...